Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guest Post: One Person's Health Food is Another Person's Poison

Kellie Hill,
Nutrition Therapy Practitioner
I’m so excited to have received my updated Standard Food Panel yesterday!  For the past year I’ve been working on reducing my inflammation.  If you’ve read my blog then you know I messed myself up pretty bad by eating a low fat/no fat diet in my early 20-30s.  Due to this, my inflammation was through the roof.  So, every six months I retest to see how I’m doing.
Now, the funny here is Dr. Jeff Taylor brought me my results yesterday and said, “I don’t know what you eat – those graphs are high”.  Yes, there is still much room for improvement – which I will accomplish.  But, these are WAY down from where I started.
February 25, 2010 was my first test.  There is a reaction class of 0 (no reaction) to 6 (extremely high).  At that time I had one item in the extremely high category, 13 items in very high, 14 items in high, and 16 items in moderate – that’s 44 foods that are reactive to my system, out of 92!  This was not a good sign for me. 
But, here is the real kicker . . . my one extremely highly reactive food, carrot.  Yes, you read that right, carrot.  The lovable, nutritious, chocked full of great nutrients, everyone should eat their veggies, carrot.  That little orange devil is my nemesis.  OK, maybe that’s a bit strong, but this is why there is no one-size-fits-all food program.  Most nutritionists, registered dietitians, health food fanatics, doctors, you name it, would say eat carrots – they’re healthy.  And that advice would be the worse possible solution for me.  One person’s health food really can be another person’s poison.
Here’s the exciting news though.  The new test is dated March 21, 2011.  Not only do I have zero items in the extremely high category, I have zero items in the very high category. I do have seven items in high and 20 items in moderate.  But, that’s 27 items instead of 44 and all are lower!   
Understand though that these aren’t fried foods or trans fats . . . these are foods considered healthy by most people.  But health is relative to each person’s individual system and the path toward optimal health must be accessed for each person individually.  With proper planning I’ve been able to decrease the inflammation within my body substantially.  This is so exciting, I feel like celebrating.  Let’s see . . . looks like my no reaction items indicate a nice fruit salad of apple, banana, blueberries, pineapple and strawberries is in my future. 

Kellie Hill is the owner of The Right Plan Nutrition Counseling in Medford, Oregon.  Her philosophy is that there is no one-size fits all diet. Because of bio-individuality (each one of us is different), most diets will work for some people and not for others. We need to eat nutrient dense, whole foods that have been properly prepared – real food, as close to the form it was originally grown/raised in, prepared in a way that preserves or even enhances the nutritional value of the food.  Kellie consults with long-distance clients by phone and internet.  She can be reached at 1.541.772.7526 or

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  1. Hi! This is kind of a new concept to me. Are you saying that by reducing your inflammation, you are actually reducing your reaction to certain foods? Like you are making them less allergenic to your system?
    If that is the case many congrats!

  2. Yes, if you take a 3 to 6 month break from foods you are sensitive to (and not allergic to, which is something else), you can reduce your inflammatory response and calm your immune system down. After that initial period of removing the food from your diet, you can try to reintroduce the food and gauge your reaction to see whether the food is safe to eat again. Each food has to be reintroduced separately.

  3. So interesting! We have to learn about our own bodies, our own responses to things. Thanks for linking this to Food on Fridays, and watch out for carrots!

  4. Hi, I dropped over here from the Food Renegade blog. This is so encouraging. A couple of months ago, I tested as reactive to 36 foods (including all gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, tomatoes, peanuts, yeast, sugar and on and on). I have been on the restriction/rotation diet for 70+ days now. Although I have had a lot of hope to break the allergy/inflammation cycle, I don't know of anyone who has stuck to the diet. So it is encouraging to hear that you are getting back so many foods after avoiding them... I have a lot of hope to be able to eat more "normally" in the future, so I am not quite so socially awkward! On the up side, I've noticed that I lost some weight in the first week (12 pounds), and my health has been up and down but getting better. I was initially diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and the symptoms have slowly decreased as I've worked on bringing down the immune system inflammation. Still, I do look forward to the possibility of being able to have an omelet or salad dressing again! Keep fighting the good fight -- it sounds like you are doing really well and are finding a good reward for your effort :-)

  5. Kirsten, Great to hear another success story! It is hard to stick to the diet, but it is so worth feeling better. Hope you continue to do well.

  6. Hi Kellie,
    Can you tell me which company does your testing for sensitivities to 92 foods? I had great results with ALCAT testing, but I'm interested in finding out about other companies with sensitivity testing.

  7. Michelle - my first tests were by USBioTek, next was the skin prick test, and now ALCAT. I'm investigating a couple others recommended by a local doctor - hopefully more options available.

    Kirsten - Congratulations on taking steps toward your optimal health! The diet isn't easy, but feeling great is worth every socially awkward moment! Big excitement - ate an egg with onions and collard greens this morning . . . it was worth the wait.

    Table of Promise - YES! That's the exciting solution. Our body wants to be healthy and has the tools to heal itself, we just have to give it the time and space to work naturally.


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